Sooooon: Dirty Laundry Excerpt

Dirty_Laundry_Rhys_FordOver a month from now, Dirty Laundry hits. A small excerpt. And I found a typo! TOTALLY my bad. God the editing team is going to kick my butt. *nods*

This is a little way into the book.

So, hopefully this will tide you over.

And well, excuse me as I make my mea culpas to Dreamspinner’s editing team.

Maybe I can send them brownies and cookies in tribute? Because realy, I owe them everything.

Without further ado……

I stopped at one of the twenty-four-hour chigae chains in the area. While their assorted tofu soup came with shrimp eyeballs and legs, their kalbi was incredible. I did a takeout order for two servings and a side of specialty mandu, deep-fried dumplings made with kim chee, pork, and tofu. The motherly woman behind the counter told me to sit down, pouring me a glass of hot green tea to sip on while I waited. A couple of panchan dishes joined my tea, and she urged me to nibble, probably to fatten me up for something nefarious.

Picking at the braised jalapenos dipped in red chili sauce, I dialed up Bobby.

“Hey, Princess.” He picked up after a couple of rings, his husky growl hoarse from years of screaming at criminals to stop or he’d shoot. “Whatcha need?”

“Why do you think I’m calling to ask you for something?” I was, but I didn’t like to be called on it. Not, at least, without first getting a hello out.

“Because it’s near the end of the day when you should be heading for that pretty Korean piece who for some reason thinks you’re hot enough to fuck. If you’re calling me, then you need something.”

“Fine, fuck you too,” I muttered. “And yeah, I need you to do something for me.”

I ran through Gyong-Si and his gay-for-pay fortune-telling business. I got to his exploiting his clients for sex, and Bobby whistled in disgust.

“Fucker,” he spat. “Tell me you’re asking me to break his legs.”

“No, sorry,” I replied. “What I’m hoping you can get is some info on the Lees. See if anyone’s been called out to the apartment on a domestic. Everyone says her husband’s a saint, but she was unhappy—about a few things. I’m wondering if he found out about her frequent trips to Gyong-Si and knew about the asshole’s reputation with the ladies—his real reputation.”

“Maybe the guy on the case is chasing down the same line,” Bobby pointed out.

“If he is, then great. If not, then I’ll toss it at Wong to chase down.” The hot tea did nothing to wash away the sweet burn of the braised jalapenos, but it was enough to take away some of the sting. “I don’t think Madame Sun has anything to do with this shit, but something’s up. My gut keeps nagging at me.”

“The same gut that took a couple of bullets?”

“Those hit my ribs and chest. My stomach escaped unscathed,” I retorted. “I’ve already promised Jae I wouldn’t get shot again. Anything I find, I’m throwing at Wong and then walking away.”

“Just remember you said that, Princess, because if not, he’s going to stomp your balls to dust,” Bobby warned. “Let me make a couple of calls and see what’s up. You focus on getting into your boy’s pants and forget about stirring up trouble. I’ll call you later.”

“Don’t mind me if I don’t pick up.” My order arrived on the table, and I slipped the waitress enough cash to pay for the meal and leave a healthy tip. “I’m going to go feed Jae and see if I can’t take his mind off of work for a bit.”

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  1. Oooh, this looks good. Read Dirty Secret first, I presume? Not that that would be a hardship but I don’t like reading things in the wrong order.

  2. Kris

    Oh dear and fluffy Lord, please let the next month fly by so that I may have this in front of me. Thankyouamen

  3. Treasure

    Let’s see 5 weeks as of today before the release? I think there should be many pretty korean rock stars to help us pass the time. I love the continuity between the books with even supporting roles continuing into the next one. Of course it’s no surprise as you are Whedon’s bitch (The king of continuity)

  4. Eve

    First, just wanted to say I LOVE both series. SERIOUS LOVE. Cannot wait. But and you knew there was one… My Kindle is not showing Dirty Laundry as about to release. In fact the only book called Dirty Laundry listed as an option on my kindle is not yours. This is horrible. Can you try to find out why and how to get it listed so that I can pre-order it NOW!

    1. Aw, thank you. Dirty Laundry (with Cole and Jae) will be out on April 19th! So sooooon! I don’t think it’s up for pre-order but as soon as it is, I’ll be posting a link here. Usually Dreamspinner gets pre-order first so you can download a mobi file from there and put it on your Kindle. I dunno how long it takes Amazon to get things going. Sometimes they don’t go live until the actual day of the release 😀

      I really hope you’ll like it. It’s a little different but oh, I’m looking forward to what people think about it. *frets* Haato and thank you!

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