Excerpt: Dirty Laundry by Rhys Ford

Dirty_Laundry_Rhys_FordThe results are in. Most of you said you’d want an excerpt while a few of you said you wanted nekkid men. Um… since it wasn’t a large percentage, I’ll give you a mostly nekkid guy at the end of the excerpt.

Please keep in mind, this has not been wrung through the washer and dryer nor any formal editing.

I also haven’t had a lot of coffee yet this morning, as evidenced by my almost posting an excerpt of Whiskey and Wry here without even thinking about it since that’s what I’m working on.

As far as I know, this will not be the last Cole and Jae book. I have Dirty Deeds scheduled after it. *grins* And maybe one more. Oh, and Bobby’s book but oh, that’s a bit aways. You do meet Bobby’s “person of interest” in Dirty Laundry, though. But I’m not telling you which one. There are several possibilities.

And no, one of them isn’t Jae.

The excerpt is from early in the book. Any further in and um… there would be major spoilers. Or sex. *grins*

Some men are sexier when they’re angry. Apparently, my lover, Jae, was one of those men. My calling him down to a police station at four in the morning to bail out his boyfriend and said boyfriend’s best friend should have been considered a favour to all of the women and gay men who were in the station that night.

I know I certainly enjoyed the sight of him stalking back and forth as I was being led into the holding bay. I wasn’t going to like what he had to say to me but still, I’d be a dead man not to enjoy the view.

His black hair was rumpled, sticking up slightly in front and his sleepy, hooded brown gaze flirted between sensual fire and feral iciness. His toes were bare, sticking out of a pair of black flip flops and the white t-shirt he wore looked like one of mine, a bit too large for his slender frame. A pair of ratty jeans barely held together by a whisper and a few threads were stretched tight across his ass when he shoved his hands into his front pockets. I should have gotten a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card just for getting that ass into the station. His face, like his ass, was a thing of beauty, a plump succulent mouth set beneath high cheekbones and long-lashed almond eyes. The sight of his canines chewing on his lower lip evoked a lot of memories of that mouth and those teeth gnawing on sensitive stretches of my body.

More than one pair of eyes followed his progress back and forth in the waiting area and I caught a very macho looking cop dropping his gaze to the tight plumpness of Jae’s rear. The cop bristled when I grinned at him and a red flush crept up from his cheeks and over his ears. Jae saw my smirk and his mouth thinned into a disapproving line.

No, my hot, sexy boyfriend was not amused. Not in the slightest.

A wall of bars separated us from the waiting area and there was only one other man in line with us. Shifting back and forth on his loafers, the guy’s suit was wrinkled and smelled like burnt vodka. A thick brush of grey whiskers covered his movie-star chiseled chin and cheekbones. He looked like someone I should know but I couldn’t place his face. Blustering, he shoved past us and stomped over to the outtake clerk. Whoever he was, he was one of three reasons the outtake window was open.

Bobby and I were the other two. Sometimes, it’s good to be an ex-cop. Even if most of the boys in blue weren’t too happy about us waving the rainbow flag, we were still their brothers. Okay, Bobby was still their brother. I was that second cousin once removed everyone had to invite to the wedding or else there’d be talk.

The outtake window was manned by a foul-tempered bear of a civil servant who seemed to take great delight in very slowly handing over the man’s personal effects. I didn’t have high hopes he would be any happier to see us when we finally got to the window. It was too early in the morning for him to be there and by the sounds of his terse, biting questions to the man in the suit, we were all lucky he hadn’t come to work with a bottle of water for each of us and a hyped up taser.

“Hey, your boy’s here.” Like me, Bobby’d retired from the force. Unlike me, he’d not done it openly gay and in a hail of bullets but served out his time before coming out of the closet. It’d shocked me to find out he played on my team. Muscular and rugged, he’d seemed like the proto-cop when he’d worn the badge. With it off, he was making up for lost time, cutting a swath through the hordes of twinks who liked an older man with a bit of silver at his temples and enough bulk to arm curl a couple of industrial microwaves.

He’d also been my sanity while I recovered from my partner’s shooting and now seemed to be cruising my boyfriend.

“Stop checking out Jae’s ass.” I didn’t fear Bobby poaching Jae. They had a decent enough relationship, prickly at times but mostly solid. Still, I had to give up at least a token protest of Bobby’s lechery.

“You sure you’re ready to get out of here?” Bobby nudged me with his shoulder, inching me forward. “Could have made some new friends in there.”

We’d been given a separate cell, farther away from the general riff raff but there were still grumbles when we’d been led down the row towards our freedom. A skinny crackhead dressed in a purple spangled dress seemed mighty interested in seeing if he could suck my jeans off of me but since the police dog already took care of that, I graciously declined.

“You’ll be lucky if you get to keep the one friend you have now, asshole,” I grumbled. Shuffling forward, I approached the window when a rookie buzzed the other guy out.

“Which one are you?” The guy behind the window growled at me. “McGinnis or Dawson?”

“McGinnis.” I took the manila bag he handed me and opened it, signing off on the line he pointed at that everything I’d had in my possession when the cops brought me in.

The bag held everything I’d come with except for the dog. She’d been sprung nearly as soon as we crossed the threshold of the police station. All I had left of her was Ava’s smile, gnashes on my hands and the baby carrier I’d borrowed from Claudia’s daughter-in-law. If I had a lint brush on me, I could have gathered up all the fur Pookie left behind and made another dog. Luckily, the carrier was machine washable.

Passing through the gated door, I was glad to re-enter the real world and suddenly the fatigue hit me. My legs were rubbery, overextended from the long sprint down the alleyway and then the punctures in my skin began to ache. I wanted to get home, crawl into bed and pull Jae on top of me, preferably to be woken up some time in the afternoon by the promise of a cold beer and a hot pizza.

Or maybe a cold beer and hot sex.

It would all depend on what Jae’s schedule looked like. From the look on his face, I’d be lucky if he still gave me a ride home.

“Are you okay?” Jae looked like he was hovering between punching me for getting hauled into the station and giving me a kiss, something he’d never have done in public a few months ago. Either would cause a scene and Kim Jae-Min wasn’t one for scenes. He also had a wicked right hook and I was pretty certain that would have won out if we’d been alone.

“Yeah, I’m okay.” I touched his arm lightly, twisting to show him the gauze and tape covering my thigh. “I got all my shots and everything.”

My jeans were a loss and I’d tossed out my underwear. There was nothing much of it left after the K-9 cop got through with it and it’d begun to bunch up against my balls. I asked the dog’s handler if he wanted them as a trophy and he’d laughed, saying I wasn’t the first one Draven gave a reverse wedgie.

The bantam gangster hadn’t been so lucky. One of Draven’s coworkers took him down in the alleyway, ripping him down to the bone. Considering he’d tried to empty his gun into my head, I wasn’t going to send him a get-well card.

“I’m glad you’re fine.” Jae leaned in so he could whisper into my ear. “Because I’m going to fucking kill you when we get home. What the hell were you two thinking?”

“I know… this wasn’t the smartest thing…” I stole a look at Bobby who was still in the outtake cell. “We didn’t think it would get so… big.”

“Cole, how many police stations do you have to get dragged to?” Sarcasm cuts deep when sharpened with disgust and in the hour between me calling Jae and being released, he’d taken his to a whetstone of mammoth proportions. “Is it like some quest the two of you have? Do they give those… what are those called… badges? They give those out for this?”

“Jae, we didn’t mean for this to happen.” We were getting sidelong glances from the clusters of cops around us. “Swear to God, it was supposed to be a simple go in and grab the dog.”

“Yeah, I know.” He rattled the keys in his palm and nodded towards my back. The clang of the barred door was ominous, a rattling metal screech announcing Dawson’s release. His heavy tread squeaked across the linoleum floor towards us and Jae shot him a watery grin over my shoulder. “Bobby’s done. Let’s go home.”

As promised, a mostly nekkid man. *grins* For you eight-percentages. Okay, I voted for nekkid man. *nods* DO NOT JUDGE ME! I am not ashamed. I regert NOTHING!


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  1. Leigh

    LOVE it!!!! What a great (and lengthy) excerpt – THANKS!!! I can’t wait to read about the boys again, very soon!!

    And Wow!!! You truly can’t go wrong w/ a mostly nekkid Joe – thanks for that too!! What a great way to start my day. 🙂

  2. Alicia

    OH MY GOD!!! Can’t wait-can’t wait-can’t wait!!!! Love me some Jae and Cole. And the nekkid man is pretty hot too. LOL

  3. Dana

    Why does April have to be so far away? (said totally in a whiny voice)
    Great excerpt!! Thank you for posting it 🙂

  4. Patricia Grayson

    Keep writing at your wondrous, furious pace!! More, More! The excerpt is great!
    And thank you for almost-naked man.

  5. Treasure

    Is it a generational thing? I can’t hear the words “Dirty Deeds: without instantly singing “dirty deeds done dirt cheap”

  6. Marla

    Thank you thank you! …people love it when you lose, they love dirty laundry
    …..come and whisper in my ear, give us dirty laundry
    Kick em when they’re up, kick em when they’re down…..Don Henley 🙂

  7. Maryln

    Thanks a bunches for the excerpt!!! I can’t help but snicker & smile at Jae’s remarks when it comes to Cole!! And another thanks for the hotness of wolf man Alcide…looks like the you know what, matches the ahem!! LOL!! 😀

  8. Thank you!!!!!! I must say that this book is in my top 5 of most anticipated books in 2013. Cannot wait. Love how Jae keeps progressing forward in the relationship and that Cole and Bobby are up to the same trouble 🙂

    On a separate note…I re-read the first two books over the past week (just because I love them). Can you confirm something for me I think I missed? Did Jae and Cole officially move in together between book 1 and 2? At the end of book 1, Jae was getting his own place but in book 2, I get the impression that it had turned into just being a studio for him – especially with Neko ever present at Cole’s? I like to think that even if they didn’t official discuss it, that Jae has moved in and the studio is just a ruse for him that he uses to try to keep them from moving too fast 🙂

    1. Hello! Ah, I hope that DL doesn’t disappoint! *hugs*

      Technically, Jae and Cole do NOT live together per se but Jae does have a lot of his things … including his cat.. at Cole’s. They don’t officially discuss it although Cole kinda does say… it’s a place for Jae to run to. *grins* It IS his studio space at the very least.

      Does that help? Thank you!

      1. Thanks…also if you feel the need to release another excerpt before release day, I’m sure we wouldn’t mind 🙂

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