Blergh… a cold

I actually really need to detach from a lot of the noise people outside of my sphere of close friends are making.
I think the hardest thing to deal with today has been the chest cold… or head cold… or whatever it has been. Regardless I’ve got it. And so while I wish I were at the DSP workshop, I’d be a plague carrier if I’d gone.
And probably infected a group of preschool kids on the plane so they could then carry this outwards and onwards.
So to everyone who checked in on me today from the workshop, thank you. I miss you all too!
I’m catching up on RuPaul’s Drag Race because we joined in later and thought oh we should catch up. I find myself liking Alaska a lot more than I did only knowing her in bits and pieces and some people have definitely just cemented what I thought of them.
BenDeLaCreme was still robbed. I mean like… ROBBED! Probably like Shangela robbed but I’m on the fence there.
It’s hotter than… okay not THAT hot but pretty warm and the AC has kept the house very nice and cool. The dog however still feels the need to go out and roll on the hot cement. I have no idea why.
So I spent my waking hours today doing GRL buttons and then trying to decide if I really need 25 lbs of buttons but since I was doing the Sinners chibi couples, I feel like if I don’t do all of them, it’s kind of shitty. And don’t get me started on wanting to do one each of Dude and Harley.
It is ironic I now have a grey and white cat named Harley. I did not name her. I named Badger. Badger’s alternate names are Honey “GiveNoFucks” Badger, TacoCat and of course… Don Juan Gato de los Pantelones whose secret anithero persona of El Ass-jole frequently makes an appearance.

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