The Final Borking Report…

Angus Missouri Blue aka The Potato has joined his brothers living across the Bifröst. He was the best of puppers and a delight to love. If you ever had the pleasure of meeting him, please know he carried you in his heart and never forgot you. Literally remembered everyone he ever met and was glad to see them.

Thank you for celebrating his life with me and I am so glad you all got to know him. He was a very beloved good pupper.

34 thoughts on “The Final Borking Report…

  1. Nicole W.

    Rhys, I’m so very sorry that you had to say goodbye to your sweet friend. He was a joy to read about. Always brought out a smile!

  2. Ravyn

    I’m so sorry for your loss. My furbaby passed away last Friday and I know the pain of losing your pup.

  3. Jane

    I’m very sorry for your loss. Our pets are our family. I’m dealing with the same situation with my elderly cat.

  4. Debbie bar

    I’m so sorry Rhys. It’s horrible when it happens. I know he’ll be missed ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Deb Bartlett

    I’m so sorry for your loss. He sure was a special dog and kept us all endlessly entertained with his borking reports. 😥😭🫂🫂💗

  6. Petra Rajgelj

    I’m so sorry for your loss Rhys. Somehow I thought he would live forever…💔💔💔

  7. Nancy Staab

    Thinking of you and remembering Gus fondly. Such wonderful memories are coming to mind of his many borking adventures. What a character he was, and I know that you and his feline siblings are feeling his absence.

  8. Eric Alan Westfall

    Cyber-hugs from the Midwest. Potato’s Borking Reports were a most enjoyable part of my life.

  9. Rita Isaacs

    Hearts are broken for you everywhere. Potato updates have been a source of joy and laughter for many moons. I’ll miss them, and will miss knowing he is there to engage with you, and love you without condition (except maybe food). Sending you so much love.

  10. My heart is broken for you. The Potato updates were always something that brought smiles. Pets are such wonderful companions and family members. It hurts when they pass on. Think one happy memory of Gus each day to keep him close to you. Sending you all the love and hugs.

  11. Anu

    Oh Potato. You were so loved, hope you enjoy endless borking with your brothers over the Bridge 🥹💗

  12. Deirdre Boxall

    I’m so very sorry, Rhys. He will be missed by me in Australia. Here’s to running pain free, borking happily and all the treats he can eat.

  13. Robyn

    Bless the Potato, he will be truly missed. 😥 I loved the Borking Reports. I see him now cavorting in the sunshine, borking at all the squirrels, and getting tummy scritches. My deepest condolences.

  14. Michael

    OMG… I’m so sorry… tears in my eyes as I write this…

    I understand exactly how a dog can become more than your companion, more than your best friend, and more than any human beings in your life! They also become your child, a main part of your family! They become a huge integral part of who you are! A part of your being… a apart of your very heart and soul!

    I’ve felt the loss many times in my life… that you must feel today.
    I wish I could do anything that might help or lessen the pain… but there’s nothing…
    only commiseration… and the hope that as time passes, your grief and the emptiness left by your special companion becomes more a loving memory.

    Your special pupper will never be gone, because of how much they were part of your heart, of your being… their memory… and especially their LOVE for you, and your love for them… will continue and go with you wherever you are, in this world or the next!

    1. Deborah

      The only companions that truely love us unconditionally no matter what! So sorry for your loss💔.

  15. Judy Stone

    The Borking reports were a joy to read. The Potato will be sorely missed. Sorry for your loss. ((hugs))

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