Today’s Borking Report… and the Potato is Enraged by a Lawn Ornament


Well, the Potato’s schedule will be changing next week from Mon and Weds to Mon and Friday. Weds will be becoming a work day at about the time Gus needs to get kitted up and I could have switched him to the afternoon but there are more people walking about in the afternoon and it does get hotter. Mornings are better and then he can spend the day sleeping off the long haul.

It’s not really a long haul. He goes to the end of the block and back. It’s a good chance for him to stretch his legs, get a run in, and most of all… roll about in wet grass.

The Potato does have a curious behaviour when he’s out and kitted up. If he comes across something he feels is dangerous and you step closer, he will butt you in the shin with his nose to push you back. Because you have to be protected at all costs and since you obviously cannot see the danger, he is there to tell you to step away… so he can scare it off.

He did come home after scolding a lawn decoration for existing and promptly rolled around the living room like a katamari damacy ball. Grinning the entire time. He’s a dork.

From his Auntie Paige
Here is the ghost as promised. Gus did not like it and wanted me to stay away from it. My knight in shining armor!

Thank you so much! Best, Paige

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