Bound: Chinatown Demons 1 is in Paperback!

Morning and Happy Friday…
It’s been a long week here with a variety of ups and downs. The biggest down is the weather because fucking hell, it’s like fucking hell. But we are staying cool and hydrated.
There’s a lot going on but I can’t share any of it yet so… I’m waiting until I have a couple of dates…
AND… I DO have a surgery date which will (if successful) heals me up in time for GRL! Which is awesome.
Lastly, Bound is in paperback and well, Xian and his complicated life has just gotten even more interesting. Grab a copy if you’re wanting that in your hot little hands!
Chinatown, San Francisco.
A different place — another time— and where the city’s streets keep secrets, shadowy mysteries.
SFPD Inspector Spencer Ricci needs to dig through after he finds himself on a case involving a dismembered, mummified man in a restaurant’s locked storage room. Spencer drags around a lot of baggage, including an ongoing battle with the bottle and a long career as an LAPD detective he’d set fire to in a blaze of booze-soaked mistakes. San Francisco is supposed to be a new start but his old ghosts haunt him, beckoning him back into his self-destructive bad habits. Bad habits that include contemplating doing dirty things with the wrong kind of guy and this time, it’s a sleek, cold-tempered medical examiner named Xian Carter with a complicated reputation.
For a century-old demon, Xian Carter is content with his secretive life. Hiding his nature from the mundane world, he blends in with the city’s inhabitants as best he can but even the best of predators make mistakes. Delving into the mysteries of the dead provide a welcome distraction from endless nights and hiding in plain sight amuses him, until something supernaturally wicked comes knocking on his door with an extremely hot, broody Inspector close behind.
Murder makes for strange bedfellows and this one is no exception. The twists and turns of the case leaves Xian and Spencer on a wild goose chase after clues but Xian can only hope there’s a human at the end of the trail—because the last thing San Francisco needs is another predator.

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  1. retdatlast

    On behalf of those of us who can’t read on-line (aka as ebooks), a heartfelt thank you. (Already bought and read. 🙂

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