Friday Musings… And GeolRim

I just wanted to stop in and say hey. Mostly because a lot of times I get caught up in the whole healing / sleep process and man, it’s knocking me for a loop. Yesterday I went to yet another specialist to see if there’s a “final” surgery.
Because fucking hell, there needs to be a final surgery. We just don’t know when and where it’s happening.
I just got my Comic-Con San Diego badge in the mail. I am a registered Professional and sadly, I cannot attend. Which does give me a sad but hopefully next year.
Been watching The Boys because well, I love the satire and violence but mostly because I love Karl Urban and now that Jensen Ackles is also there…. hot damn.
I’m also kind of yearning to watch old Kdramas like Coffee Prince and Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Probably for happy nostalgia. Because well, those were great kdramas and well, SKK had the BEST gay-denial-lovers ship ever.
Also… great “Geolrim” ship video. Expert scene cuts. They weren’t THIS overt but as you can see, plenty of definite intimate scenes. The two also ended up being voted as Best Couple on an award show, “tying” with the other main couple in the drama. Just saying…
I do also miss cooking. Like there are so many things I want to make. Especially collard greens with hamhocks and sausage but no can do for right now.
The Potato also was shorn down for his Summer ‘Do and because he’s got allergies / skin issues. Got more meds for him and he’s doing great. He also got a very intense bath with huge scrubbies and was put out by the whole thing… until he could get out, get rubbed down by a towel and rolled about the living room floor.
Because that’s what he does.
So… What’s Going On in Your World? Give me a snippet of something you did today.

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