Sunday Morning… Go for a ride…

Well, despite what the Beatles say, no riding for me for a bit. I’ve been banned from driving until I get thru the meds but to be fair, I’m also the victim of surprise naps so driving isn’t in the cards at the moment but hell, the Firebird is SO dirty. Even sitting in the garage. So, I’ll have to sneak drive him over to the car wash (very close) and get him bathed.**

The weather here’s been nice and I’d love to write something. Which I might actually do a short story. That’ll be good. Something I can bite into and chew then move into something heavier. An amuse-bouche for my brain.

Right now I’m waiting for a boba order to show up. Thank God for Doordash. And that I live in San Diego and I can get boba delivered to my house. 😀

Hope everyone’s okay and well, that you’re taking a bit of self-care today. Remember, hydrate and breathe.

** I’m not serious. No driving for me. 😀

2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning… Go for a ride…

  1. Eric Alan Westfall

    Respectfully, Rhys…don’t be a damned fool and drive. The car doesn’t *need* to be clean and shiny right now, you just *want* it to be. And after saying you have a problem with just falling asleep, how do you know you aren’t going to drop off going through an intersection? With traffic! So in case this isn’t quite clear…*don’t drive until your doc says you can!!!* My apologies if I’ve offended, as none was intended

    1. It actually was a joke. No driving for me. I love my car too much. *grins* No offense taken. The surprise naps are actually me going along fine and then my body says… you know what would be good, a nap. Right now, I’m listening to what my body tells me what it needs. And the Firebird can totally wait. I just get so impatient and frustrated… and I’m running out of cooking shows to watch!

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