Jan 25 Borking Report: The Potato has Borked!

Today’s a rather odd weathered January 25th and the first borking day in over a week. Last week, it was too cold and then the Potato had a quick pop down to the vets because his “allergies” were just getting out of control. Now, mind you… did all the things to contain his allergies then in the back of my head I remembered, he had a skin infection once that looked like this.
Because Cairn Terrorists DO get skin infections. They are such delicate grubby beasts.
So he went to the vet, got a few shots — including his boosters — was made a HUGE fuss over because he’s a darling pupper and no one can say otherwise. No really, the techs and vets down there love him. And he loves them. He’s very friendly. Just agoraphobic or something. But he does well and he came home with a few meds to take and a dreaded shampoo bottle for frequent baths.
Today however, it was Auntie Jessica day and while it was a bit nippy in the morning, he headed out and went for his Bork with tail held high and a bounce to his step.
A bounce he still had when he came back because he ran about and cavorted like a mad thing and finally wound down enough to say goodbye to his Auntie. His Auntie Jessica who gave him a BELLY RUB! He got his meds in some cheese and all was right with the world.
Right now, he’s snoring away and enjoying the nice weather. In a few hours, there will probably be lawn guys to bork at and his day will be complete.
From his Auntie Jessica:
I think Gus missed his walks! He was so happy today! He said hi to a lot of people out this morning on walks. I hope he’s feeling better after the vet last week!
Best, Jessica

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