Jan 11 Borking Report!

Today’s Borking Report…
So he had to be woken up, taken out for potty then get dressed for his Auntie. And as soon as the Potato was fully kitted up, he realized it was AUNTIE JESSICA was coming and he positioned himself for maximum Borkers.
I cannot communicate the joy he has when he sees her. And it’s kind of sweet because he really has the joy for everyone who visits. Cairns by nature are a bit stoic and while happy to see you are kind of the… Hey! How are you doing? rather than the effusive OMGILOVEYOUWANTTOBEINYOURNOSTRILS … which I have had in the past as well. Gus doesn’t want to be in your nostrils but he would like to be laying out like a beached turtle on his back getting scritches.
Or going out for a quick Bork and then coming home and getting some scritches. Either way, scritches are welcome.
But he did go potty before he left AND apparently potty again when she arrived because you know, it makes us look like we did NOT let him out. Little bastard 😀
From his Auntie Jessica:
Gus was just so excited to see me today! He went poop right at the beginning of the walk. Maybe that’s why he was anxious to get outside! We had a nice walk and I’ll see him soon!

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