My Potato…. The Borking

It’s freezing cold and foggy today. Goji of course likes things icy so she’s spent the morning turning the AC unit on so I have to go and turn it off. She knows if she turns it on, someone will walk over to it to turn it off… AND SINCE IT IS NEXT TO HER WET FOOD DISH…
She’s not stupid. Just stubborn. Just like Badger who wants to go out to the Hamptons this morning… and is pissy when he’s told NO because it’s 60ºF at 10 am and even colder when he demanded to go out at 6 am.
The Potato ambled out to go potty at 7ish… did his business then potatoed back into the house to go back to bed. He then had to potato back out at nearly 10 to go borking which… the dog can sleep. It’s warm. He knows it’s cold outside. And he wants to sleep.
Borking is important though. It keeps Potatoes healthier and well, it’s a good socialization exercise for him. So off he went, complaining to his Auntie Jessica about being abused and THEN came back not only fat and happy but SOAKED THROUGH.
Because it’s cold and foggy outside. Dewpoint is high. The grass is soaked and well, there is nothing a little blond dervish cairn likes more than to roll around in wet grass. He is still soaked to the bone and quite pleased with himself.
From his Auntie Jessica:
There was lots of wet grass out this morning and Gus loved it! He did a lot of rolling around. He’s so happy! He did poop on the walk too. See him soon!

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