Today’s Borking Report or… The Snorkling Potato.

He left the house today telling Jessica ALL of his woes which now are going to include a bath because he needs a good scrubbing with medicated soap so… he’ll do more borking once that’s done.
Once again, the Potato was delighted to see his Auntie Jessica and when he came back, he snorkled his way around the living room floor. He stopped long enough for me to get his muzzle off and one snap of his harness. And then he shimmied away like a snake and Jessica got the rest of his harness but the jersey stayed on until he made a full circuit of the living room carpet and Andi could snag the jersey off.
Seriously, he’s a pain in the ass but oh so happy.
We have workers at the house next door so he had a lot to bork at. He has opinions about them taking down a tree and whatever else they’re doing so early in the morning. OPINIONS!
From his Auntie Jessica:
There were a lot of workers out this morning. Gus seemed to do okay considering! He did a lot of rolling around in the grass and he looks so happy!

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