End of August Borking Report!

I actually was here for the pickup and drop off of the Gusman but left soon afterwards to have Kaz (my fantastic hair stylist) wrangle my hair into submission. It takes a long time to wrangle and I haven’t had it done in nearly two years. My appointment was at 10 am and I just got home… at 2:20 pm. I did stop for gas afterwards and gave Tengu a bath as well as Mickey D’s for some fries which were PROMPTLY begged for as soon as I came thru the door.
There is a reason why we call him the Potato and it isn’t just because he’s shaped like one. This dog can sniff out a French fry like pigs sniff out truffles. He whined at me so I thought he needed to go potty. I let him out then was barked at… scolded really… to tell me that no, outside is NOT what he wanted and there better be a fry in the house for him when he comes in.
I made him wait until I changed clothes and well, I was trying to straighten my bed linens because they were all bunched up on the corner only to find out Badger had built himself a burrow under the sheets and quilt. After he mewed his disgust at me bothering him while he napped, I covered him back up and went to the living room.
Where there was a Potato waiting for a French fry. He isn’t allowed a lot. Maybe one or two small ones but he just wants the taste. And no matter what he tells you or how sad his eyes get while you’re eating a taco or pizza, he is NOT allowed to have handfuls of people food. ONE OR TWO FRIES ONLY.
Apple without seeds is fine. So is watermelon. And honey peanut butter but only a little bit. He’s angry I cut off his French Fry supply so now he’s rage eating his dry food.
But he had a good Bork.
From his Auntie Jessica:
Gus loved rolling around in the wet grass! There was no one out walking but there were some dogs barking from their backyards. So Gus had to say hi! See him soon!

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