Warm Summer Days and Badger

Badger joined our household a couple of years and well, he was a handful. Found on the street with a serious back and leg wound, he didn’t like to be touched and had opinions about how he wanted to interact. He played too rough with Harley and someone at some point taught him that jumping at someone’s face was a good idea.

That was quickly discouraged and he settled into the household, still with his opinions and an attitude. He was a young, large not-quite-cat who needed to be taught that being loved was okay.

And he has learned that. Over the past few months, he’s turned into a very snuggly yet demanding cat who loves scritches and will paw at you if he wants attention. He enjoys going out into his catio so he can sit in the fresh air and watch birds as well as finding a lot of joy and delight in chasing his youngest sister, Goji around. Since Goji joined the household, he’s had a playmate who plays as rough as he does since Harley is a bit of a delicate thug. Harley likes playing but after a little bit, she’d rather go snuggle up to the dog or get her belly rub.

The Toxic Twins, however, rough-house about until I’m sure the walls are shaking.

He still only eats dry food but he’s settled in. And he knows he’s home. That’s always the best feeling… when the cat you bring in from the kind of shitty outside realizes he is loved and that he has a very significant place in your world.

2 thoughts on “Warm Summer Days and Badger

  1. Petra Rajgelj

    I always read your emails. It’s just I usually don’t have the time to respond and this goes for Facebook too. This one was just beautiful. I remember exactly when you bought Badger home. Not the date, but your posts and the feeling. Now he has a playmate.I love your books, but believe it or not – if you don’t publish a single book in the future, I’ll still be following you and interact as much as time allows me. I just simply like you. 🙂 🌹

    1. I appreciate you so much and thank you! Ah, Badger is settling in and is so happy. Although he and Goji tear thru the house like mad things *grins* I do plan on publishing! Bit by bit! I shall go forward!

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