This is going to be a quick one because I’m busy AF but I did wanna share the Potato’s bork.
He was kind of tired this morning which makes sense because he went to bed hella late (like I did) and then his bladder woke him up at 5:30 am so he trundled out of bed to bork at me to get up and let him out. Which of course I did because it was time to get up anyway. He has different borks for things and if you know him for like a minute, you can hear the difference but you need to speak Potato to understand what he’s asking.
He also likes to disguise his begging bork by using his I want to go outside whine (which is different from his I Need Your Attention Bork). But that’s a different kettle of fish.
His Attention Please bork is usually used for when it’s very early and he needs to go potty because the Potato does NOT potty in the house. Ever. Unless he’s very sick and cannot help it and even then, it will be on tile and he will hate himself for hours. It is a very rare occurance and he’d gotten a bug, which is normal sometimes. Vet checked him out and he was okay but I spent days reassuring him he’d not shamed his people.
The Attention Please bork is also used when there is a certain grey and white cat in his bed and he wants to go lie down there. It’s a short, not unpleasant Bork that kind of sounds like Hey, Mom! Mom!… not to be confused with his Psycho Gonna Kill This Intruder bork for people cutting across his lawn or his Why Aren’t You In Here bork he gives to people he knows and delivery people he sees every day. You can hear the difference in those borks as well as catch his tail helicoptering with excitement because he thinks he’s going to get company.
Mind you, he can’t see well so it does take a hot second for him to go from… Alarm Warning short bork to… MY PERSON! but it’s pretty quick.
And that’s pretty much what he did today because he was so sleepy but it was Borking Day and he went through a range of emotions when his Auntie Jessica came in this morning.
He does so love her.
Gus was walking pretty fast today! We went to the corner and got back quickly. There was a little kid out that he really wanted to say hi to! I hope he’s staying nice and cool now!

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  1. Katherine Yates

    When I got my first dog I slept with one foot off the bed, she’d nuzzle my toes with her nose if she needed to potty during the night!

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