Today’s BORKING REPORT! 15 Jul 2021 with the Potato!

Now I’m going to be working remotely for the next couple of weeks and even while I’m home, that’s usually the time when someone at work pings me for a call or troubleshooting an issue. Thankfully, Andi Van asked if I wanted them to continue to kit the Potato out on his Borking Days for which I am EXTREMELY grateful because kitting him up, working on something on the laptop and talking someone off the ledge at the same time is usually when his Auntie Jessica shows up. *grins*
Oh and of course, our internet provider deciding to do major construction in our area and knocking the internet out with no notice and no schedule. That involved a lot of swearing, rebooting, lost work, firing up the 3G Orange Dot which I have now ordered the 4G Orange Dot to upgrade because the 3G one can’t handle the data transfers I need.
But all of that has NOTHING to do with the Potato… who has been SUCH a good boy.
It hasn’t been cool enough to dress him in a shirt but it’s summertime and damn, the eye drops for his allergies are doing wonders for him. I do have to shave down the hair around them but it’s so much better than it used to be. I am hoping we have a handle on them so he feels better. The Borker still doesn’t LIKE getting his face messed with but with the medication, comes cookies. Which are actually allergy supplements but they reek like fish and duck and he loves them.
Today’s Bork apparently went well and he was raring to go and then raring to come back. He got fussed over a lot and scuba-ed his water bowl for a bit then cavorted heavily. And promptly crashed out in the air-conditioned living room. He was also grubby as fucking hell and definitely needs a bath.
APPARENTLY, he pooped on someone’s driveway! Which is… rude in a lot of ways but something totally a mad Scottish Cairn would do. I wonder if they pissed him off. Jessica took care of it but sheesh, I thought I taught him better than that.
He does so love his Auntie Jessica. Actually he loves all of his Aunties and is such a dork. Gus Gus is the best Potato.
From his Auntie Jessica:
Gus walked fast today! He did poop on our walk right in someone’s driveway. I tried cleaning it up the best I could. He did roll around in the dirt a bit and got a little dirty. He looked like he was having fun though!

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