Thursday Borking Report!

The Borking Potato went borking while I’m at work but as always he woke up with me at way too early in the morning to go potty before I left for work. It was a quick shuffle in and out for him because it was a bit chilly and there was apparently more sleeping to do. He usually waits until he hears me tell Alexa to turn off all lights before fecking off to the back of the house bed but this morning it was all… yeah, I’ve pissed, see yourself out.
There has been a definite uptick in his happy. Going earlier in the day and spending time with his fave Auntie two mornings a week gives the Goose a very happy smile. He apparently has taken to coming into the house and rolling or inchworming his way into the room. Because he’s silly. He does that when he’s happy, that rolling about. Then he goes scuba diving in the water bowl, coming out with a drenched face.
Cavorting, belly rubs and happy wiggling soon follows. Then a nap. Today was no different. 😀
From his Auntie Jessica…
Gus did a lot of borking this morning! There were a few people out walking so he had a lot to say. He kind of made it back inside! He was slowly rolling his way through the front door.

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