It’s been cool these past few days and overcast but it cleared up a bit for the Potato’s Bork this morning. He’s had a very eventful few days with lots of in and out of the house as well as shuffling around after people. His Auntie Suzhang went home (she gave him way too many treats of mackeral and other noms) and while she was here, there was much toddling about.
He went out this morning with a cheerful bounce to his step and came back to dance around the Roomba as it did its duty along the living room floor.
The Potato actually didn’t bork a lot when he left the house and from the sounds of things, had a REALLY good toddle around the neighbourhood. The ramp I got him for up against the sliding glass door (which is a four and a half inch drop from the living room to the back patio) is doing its job and he’s taken to it without a blink. It’s really helped him coming up and down that drop. It’s a sharp drop and probably strained his back and hips… or so I imagine. He seems to be doing well with it.
Goji Kitten has decided Gus just doesn’t exist while Harley is still in love with him and waits for him to get treats so he’s gotta sit still for a few minutes and she can rub up against him. Which is then followed by us telling her not to bite his ass.
There is something seriously wrong with that cat.
From his Auntie Jessica:
Gus looked so happy today! He was rolling around in all the grass and had a huge smile on his face! There was barely anyone out so he was calm for the most part.

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