Tuesday’s Borking Report with the Blond Potato!

Hello and welcome to today’s BORKING REPORT!
I am working from home today following having a procedure done yesterday that  kind of tossed me into the ring of… OH FUCKING GOD THIS SUCKS / HURTS so home working for a precaution. Sometimes, the body does odd things.
BUT this meant I could be home for the Borker to head out and man, he was so ready to go. Andi got him ready because bending over for me isn’t a thing just yet and when he came back, I was on the phone with the mechanic because the Firebird is having sympathy injuries and wants attention so his Auntie Jessica got him de-kitted and he romped about with her for a bit.
Going out for socialization and borking is doing the Potato a huge good. There’s a slower pace and he’s coming back still full of energy and just so freaking happy. Bounces in, gets undressed, cavorts, gets water, gets belly rubs from his Auntie and then crashes for his mid-morning nap. I’ll be running the Roomba in a bit and since he’s in his bed, it can toddle about without bumping into him.
It seems to hone in on his butt. No reason why. Just does.
The cats are all either sleeping or eating. Badger will probably return to his roost in a bit but Harley is on her tower. I must have picked up at least 20 cat toys. Seriously, what the hell? Goji still eats like she’s unhinging her jaw and having to swallow her prey whole. I think that’s just gonna be her thing. Badger eats the same way. They get food everywhere.
As you can see, The Potato’s got some sass on him today.
From Gus’ Auntie Jessica:
Gus did a lot of rolling around in the grass and borking today! There were a lot of people outside their houses today so we did our best to keep our distance. We kept the walk nice and slow and just to the corner. See him soon!!

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