We didn’t have any Borks last week as we acclimated the house to Gojira’s introduction and Gus wasn’t quite walk-ready this morning. It’s kind of warm so we’ll be moving the Borking Times up a bit to take advantage of the cooler hours. Of course he was like… I don’t wanna walk on the sidewalk, I just wanna roll around on the grass… and when he came home, he trundled around the house in his normal cool down and pretty much walked around more than he did outside.
Because he’s not stupid and he knows his Auntie Jessica will stay and scritch him for a long time when he comes back. So he gets belly rubs and scritches instead of going for exercise. It’s a fine balance of getting a walk in and manipulation for the old Potato.
Gojira kitteh made a guest appearance to sniff at Auntie Jessica before going to hunt down Brother Badger… who she’s been chasing around the house. Badger has discovered he might be getting a bit too old for prolonged shenanigans because he plays for an hour or so then goes to hunt down a sunny spot to bask and nap in. Gojira is not impressed by his stamina. Although she does take the hint and goes to find a napping spot herself.
Gus the Potato is already crashed in front of the screen door and dreaming of dinner or whatever it is Blond Potatoes dream of when they come back from Borkings.
We’ll be changing his joint supplements tonight because I don’t feel the ones he’s been getting have helped as much as the ones he used to get (and were discontinued). Still, he’s never been a run run run dog but he does get bursts of speed when he wants to. He just really would prefer to roll around in the wet grass and come home to get belly rubs. Like I said, he’s not a stupid Potato.
From his Auntie Jessica:
Gus is so cute in his jersey! Go Cubs! He was struggling a bit today but we still got a good walk in. I hope he gets lots of rest!

Gojira Kitteh

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