It’s a chilly day here in San Diego and the Potato had to be kitted up in some fleece to go out. Also it rained. As you all know the Borker, he LOVES a damp, muddy lawn and his borking route is FULL of them. A fleece is very necessary during rainy days or the Potato will come home covered in grass, wet leaves and mud.
He waited very patiently for his Auntie Jessica to arrive and then told her all about his week in a waddling grumble as he headed to the door. He really is an old Scottish man. I should get him a tartan fleece but I’d probably have to get one custom made to fit his blocky form. Although I have found a few dog clothes places that make good Monster Cairn clothes.
Gus Gus is a utlitarian type of dog. Not really fussy. Likes a nice piece of bacon and a bit of dried potato. Belly rubs and scritches are good as well. And a good ramble. He does so love his Borking Rambles. We’re going to Mon and Thurs to give him time to rest between and upping his play a bit thru the week. We want the Potato to be healthy and happy for as long as we can have him.
From his Auntie Jessica:
Gus loved the nice and cool weather today! He did a lot of borking and rolling around in the damp grass. See him next week. Hope he gets plenty of rest!

One thought on “Thursday’s BORKING REPORT!

  1. Katherine Yates

    I’ve been reflecting here in Colorado that there’s nothing quite like the mud from six inches of snow followed by three days of rain when you have three short dogs! Carpets are ruined! Mud every where!

    As I wrote this I realized I heard a whining. The elderly nearly crippled dog got herself stuck behind the sofa! I’m off to be heroic!

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