It’s Wednesday, My Dudes and A Borking Report

I’ve been trying to reboot my brain by doing some home art. Basically I’ve got a kind of blank wall now and I’m doing a take on hanafuda cards. Almost done but… there’s this thing when you wonder if you’re going to like it and if you can stand looking at shit you’ve made. Art is… subjective and even more so when it’s your own. I hate what I art more than what I write and as most authors can tell you, we loathe our wording. Or at least the sane ones do.
It’s a thing 😀 But I shall get this done and we’ll see if I like or love it.
So it was storming hard this morning and it was a bit of touch and go if the Borking Potato was going to be able to go out but the sun came out just in time for him to take a good trot around the block. He was kitted up when his Auntie came by… dressed in his full raincoat regalia because knowing him, he was going to pounce on every puddle he saw.
And he did.
As well as drinking from the puddles because he’s a dorkwad.
From his Auntie Jessica:
Gus loved rolling around in all the wet grass! It stopped raining perfectly for our walk and the sun was out! I’m sure Gus loved the cold air.
Best, Jessica

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