Today was apparently the best day ever because Gus the Blond Potato was out the door and living large as soon as his feet hit the sidewalk. It was a power walk day where he ran his Auntie ragged with how fast of a pace he set up. It’s hard to remember to pull him back and temper his borking trot but he’s an old man. He’ll be feeling that near-run pace he loves in a few hours after he comes home.
And of course he went head down into the water, cavorted and then got scritches from his Aunt Jessica as soon as he came home. He’s been in a cavorting kind of mood. Right now, his eyes have been cleaned, he’s gotten his allergy treats and he’s stalking his dinner… a fine mix of grain-free, high-protein kibble topped with a beef stew.
And later, there will be a sweet potato snack. And much snoring.
From his Auntie Jessica:
Gus did a lot of borking today! So many people out! I’m sure he will be very tired today. See him soon!

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