The Potato was very happy this morning to see his Auntie Jessica. Yesterday he had a long car trip and then came home to naps and snuggles. This morning, he was kitted out and all ready to go.

He’s actually doing well for an old Pupper. That’s one thing I have to watch out for because the Gus Gus will be 13 in April and that’s a long time for a cairn. He’s definitely a solid little pupper and getting him to do anything with a toy never goes far so his exercise pretty much is walking around and wrestling. He is more than happy to go with you in and out of the house. That never gets old in the Potato’s world. But I do have to get some kind of step / ramp thing for the back door since it’s a bit of a drop and the hop up can sometimes be a strain. Usually when it’s cold.

But today is warm and he came into the house with a lot of grassy bits on him… because someone obviously mowed the lawn and he found it. Nothing like wet grass and cavorting for this dog. He’s a silly thing.

He has a mobile groomer coming on Thursday and hopefully he’ll behave for them. We’ll see. He apparently decided to poop again today on his walk. The world is getting crazy out there. He’s very relaxed now. But still, borking at the lawn guys because that’s what a Potato does.

From his Auntie Jessica:
Gus did a lot of rolling around in the grass today. He looked so happy! He had a lot to say to all the neighbors too!
Best, Jessica

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  1. Katie

    I had to replace the stairs I had for my Tibetan Spaniel to get up and down from the bed with a ramp. Tibetan Spaniels have short legs compared to their body length. The angle of the last stair to the floor was too acute for her elderly spine and the transfer of her weight to her front paws caused painful compression.

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