Life and words…

I haven’t shared much here other than Borking Reports but as you all know, my sister Jenn passed away and it’s been… odd. Jenn lived with me from 1987 to her passing last month and just the suddeness of it all and the shock of it happening means for me an unsettling mind space. I’ve been focused on trying to get her affairs in order and well, my brain’s not been into writing.

Because as you all know, this year has sucked.

I’m hoping I can reboot things off and dive back in because I do need to find those words, find those stories. I think it will birng me some peace and calm.

What I can tell you is to NOT order a 9 drawer dresser / armoire from Amazon which requires 6 hours of assembling. We’re on hour three and a half of the dresser and the preassembly is complete. All of the drawers are done and now comes the pulling together of big pieces. As a project to get my head out of the dark places I was falling into, I focused on getting the guest room changed about to refresh it and provide a place for our friends and family to come to. And see, I say our. Because that’s… that’s where my head is at.

Andi is here in the other room which was planned before Jenn passed because we were planning on having Jenn’s space refreshed and making room for a hospital bed if she needed it. Every single plan we had was for her to come home.

And instead, she went to a different home, back to the stars and the universe to be with those who have gone before her. It is unfair and I’m angry about it. She should have had more time with us. She just should have had more time here.

But moving forward is necessary. So, there will be more plans, more words, more laughter and we will continue to share stories about her and always couch it with… well, you know how Jenn was… *grins*

3 thoughts on “Life and words…

  1. Kendra Patterson

    So sorry you lost your sister. Good luck with moving on and the dresser build.🙂

  2. Jane

    It’s very difficult and takes a long time to recover when you lose a loved one. Especially someone you were very close to. The first year is the worst but the pain never totally goes away. You just learn to live with it. Just hang in there.

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