It’s been a long treat-profitable week for the Potato. Actually it’s been treat-profitable for weeks now and now the Grubby Blond has gone out on his Bork and has come back happy and full of himself. He needs another bath because he IS grubby AF even though I just gave him one. The roll in grass and dirt is hard work.
There was a lot of Borking today. Apparently everyone was out and very friendly to Jessica and Gus Gus on the walk today. He had a lot of opinions to share and boy, did he.
There’s going to be the junk removal guy coming in a bit and well, he’ll get more borking in. As one does.
From his Auntie Jessica:
There were a lot of people out this morning so Gus was borking a lot! It was a little warm so I’m sure he’s very tired now. He was barely able to make it up the steps back in the house! Hope he gets plenty of water! Best, Jessica

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