Because the Potato needs to Bork….

I’m trying to keep Gus on his routine and one of those things is his Aunt Jessica. Who he really needed to see today. It’s a lot cooler today and he went off on his bork in a typical Potato fashion.
He’s been a very good Potato with everything that is going on and right now in his cool down phase. His bork went well. He even peed. Which isn’t typical but a good pupper behaviour.
From his Aunt Jessica:
Great to see Gus again! He had a fun walk in the nice cool weather. I’ll see him again Friday!

2 thoughts on “Because the Potato needs to Bork….

  1. Katie

    Today in Colorado the snow is deeper than the dogs are tall! Especially the smallest. I put down a pupper pee pad. I can’t imagine having to poop while crouching in the snow!

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