Today’s BORKING REPORT! The Blond Potato Cruises!

The Potato got his eye binged because I accidentally poke him in the eye putting his kit on. He forgave me but there was a lot of side-eye. LOTS OF SIDE-EYE.
Mother, why did you do that to me? I am a good Borker!
He got over it with a few scritches. THEN his Aunt Jessica arrived without warning! Which was fine because the text just didn’t hit and he was ready and he was SOOOOO HAPPY!
And promptly began borking to tell her he’d been poked in the eye and the asshole cat got out yesterday and was a continuous asshole all day.
Dog’s a Narc.
From his Aunt Jessica:
The walk went pretty smooth! There wasn’t many people out. We also made it almost the full distance before he laid down and wanted to walk back! Hope he’s relaxing now!

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