Friday is BORKING DAY! Here is today’s Borking Report!

His Aunt Jessica was running a bit later today so he didn’t hit the sidewalk until nearly 11. In fact, he came to get back scritches and didn’t even see she’d come in. Trundled off to his dog bed and then when she called him, he got SOOOO excited and rushed over to the door. Then, the Borking Potato was off.
They were gone a good while which is nice because it IS cooler and he does need a bit of a stretch. Came back panting and went to drink water as he always does but took the time out to get love from his Aunt before she left.
Now he’s sprawled out on the floor in my bedroom or perhaps the hallway, sleeping off the excursion.
From his Auntie Jessica:
I got Gus to walk a little farther today! He did try to stop and lay down and turn around where he usually does. But I got him up and walking a bit further! We had a fun walk and he’s tired and happy now!

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