Borking Potato Day!

Today was BORKING DAY!
It’s relatively cool today which is nice and the Borker went out clean and fluffy… and returned a bit grubby but happy.
As usualy, the Blond Potato had opinions about the world, the cats, and life in general and had NO qualms about telling his Aunt Jessica all about it. He probably also was giving her his take on bathing and brushing since he was a fluffy poofball heading out into the world this morning.
He came back, got water and lots of scritches from his Auntie before she left. Right now, he’s staring at his food dish with a soaking wet muzzle from snorkling in the water dishes around the house.
Because he’s a weirdo.
From his Aunt Jessica:
I hope Gus had a fun Bork! It was pretty nice out this morning, not too hot! I’ll see him Friday!

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