Mind The Gap

Sorry for being AWOL but I’ve spent the last two weeks driving up to Oregon to take care of my hanai brother Dave’s remains and packing up the house. While it’s been a long, grieving journey, we were comforted and delighted to find family up in Eugene and were able to provide others with household goods and items they needed as we sifted through what was in the house. It went quickly and yet, too soon. My heartfelt love and thanks go out to the Asam and Lane families who were just freaking awesome and I will carry them in my heart for a very long time.

I have to get settled back into my routine and catch up with all of the stuff I let lay fallow while we all dealt with the things death brings with it. It’ll be okay. Dave was loved, respected, and most of all, treasured. I wish him well on his journey to where he is going next and may the road be sandy and bumpy because that’s the way he rolled.

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