The Revolution WILL Be Televised…

A lot of non-Americans don’t realize one thing.
All of this? It’s kind of a family argument.
Sometimes, shit’s gotta go down at the dining room table for the family to work their crap out. Like kicking the pervy uncle out or finding out your older sister is actually your mom. Or that your mom’s secretly been trimming your dad’s nose hairs every night.
Or that someone in the family has been hurting some of the kids and everyone’s been covering up for them.
And that shit’s gotta stop.
This is stuff we need to do. This is how America might need to grow and adapt because we really are fifty countries (and also some territories) banded together with our own problems and issues and cultures and laws and just everything.
Yet so much holds us together. Everything from sports, cotton candy, arguments over In-N-Out being better than Five Guys or Shake Shack (In-N-Out hands down for those in the back…and we’re not even LOOKING at Whataburger… that’s a shady shoutout to my Texas peeps).
And we are stronger moving forward together, even as those among us want us to be torn apart because for them, they thrive when people are oppressed, under-educated and suffering.
If you are worried about paying your bills or getting medicine for your children, you cannot spare the energy to speak up for those who are being beaten down. We in the family who do have that time, that energy, that voice need to speak up, need to march, need to push back and say… no, you will NOT do this to my brother, my sister, my mother, my father or even that stranger.
That is what it means to be American. To have that fight, and to continue that fight even after battling for so long… because it is the right thing to do.
So, we’re going to do this thing. We are going to continue to push until we break down the walls put up to hem us in, to make us smaller, to make some of us lesser than others.
We are a very young country as countries go. And we have so much to do to clean up this dining room table but damn it, that’s exactly what we’ve got to do. And that includes, making sure every single one of us is safe and thriving.

2 thoughts on “The Revolution WILL Be Televised…

  1. Katie

    I read recently that we need to realize that we won’t go through this and be finished. We will never reach a point of perfection when we won’t need to change again. The growing pains will be ongoing but we will get better every time.

  2. Lois Bradbeer

    Amen! Keep marching, keep protesting, keep pushing those politicians, make sure we are all heard and those of us that aren’t worried about food & medicine have to be even louder for those that just have the time or energy to push back. A small, but loud, group of us from my little city are meeting every Sunday to stand on busy corners kneeling and holding signs. It is not much, but every little push helps.

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