Today’s Borking Report!

I rarely post Borking Day reports here but they are a thing. The Blond Potato goes for a Bork twice a week. He’s a hardcore power walker and his companion, Jessica whom he loves and adores, has to constantly remind him that he’s a 12 year old dog and he’s going to have some aches if he trots at warp speed.

For those of you who are wondering why the muzzle, it’s because he has a fear aggression and it’s a safety precaution. Because I believe people and dogs should be protected from Gus’s inbred genetic seizures of aggression, something he cannot control if he’s overstressed. We do ramp him down and de-escalate but it’s best to plan for every action. He’s also happier for it, feeling safer with it on.

Today’s Borking Report is pretty brief mostly because it’s hot outside. Despite Aunt Jessica arriving early, it’s kind of warm and well, Gus was very much complaining to her about us, life and the cats as they left. He got good scritches before he left so I don’t know what his problem is. He did come home, got stripped down quickly and had some water. Now he’s contemplating life and maybe a mid-morning snack from his kibble dish.

After that, I’m guessing he’ll nap. Because that’s what Furry Tater Tots do.

From his Aunt Jessica: Gus was a bit out of breath today! Lots of borking and very hot out (for the Potato)! Stay hydrated!

2 thoughts on “Today’s Borking Report!

  1. Katie

    I have chiller pads for myself and my borkers. They contain a gel that reduces temperature when pressed on. Stay safe and chilled!

    1. He has one and the house has AC. It’s not that hot per se but he LOVES going at warp drive so we’re constantly saying… slow down, potato!

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