Mother’s Day and News

Good Day to you all!

Why the trash panda? Because I adore them. Also, who doesn’t love a pretty trash panda?

Today is Mother’s Day here and I’m waiting for my mother to call back. They’re probably driving to Hilo to go put flowers on my grandmothers’ graves, a very ingrained tradition. The graves should be fairly clean and it’s a nice drive from my mom’s house to the graveyards so I hope it’s a good day.

It’s overcast here right now and I’ve got a lot of writing to do. Sadly, I also ache from doing too much stuff and took some meds to counter the cricks and pings in my joints so Gods help me with the dictation.

I’ll be having a cover reveal for Silk Dragon Salsa coming up this Weds at PRG so watch for the link to that. I’m excited to share what Chris McGrath has done for Kai’s new book and well, it’s coming out soon! July 14th! So soon!

Please be sure to reach out to the women who have given you support and guidance today and tell them how special they are to you. Hell, reach out to anyone who’s done that. Have yourself a good day. And most of all, be good to yourself.

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