Damn My Ears…

First world problems… racial glitches.
Genetics … because we are all a soup made of nuts… gives me a very small “bowl” in which wireless ear buds fit into. Mine are very much like the second ear from the left on the bottom quadrant in this diagram. My bump goes in a stuttering stagger nearly to the Y shape and the Y tail hooks in. My ears are also very flat against my head so there’s not a lot of “bowl”.
How is this a problem? Well, angled ear buds are usually not going to fit and the wireless ones on the market are hella too big. So finding a pair of stand alone wireless ear buds that are small enough to fit into the bowl are difficult. Good ones. With nice sound.
I’m also picky. I admit to this. I don’t like the tampons sticking out of my ear look of the Apple-style headphones and I don’t want ones with a wire between them but that might be my last resort if this next pair that I’ve ordered don’t work.
I got a pair from Sabbat which are lovely but they don’t connect easily to the bluetooth on my laptop or phone but they fit. Tired of dealing with that frustration, I reached for the Samsung Galaxy+ earbuds which were nice but too big. Just enough too big that the lower arm of the Y in my ears hurt.
Oh, and I also have a daith piercing on my left ear but that really isn’t bugged too much if something fits right.
Now I’ve gone for the SVN Sound Neon 200 because forums have been saying they’ll fit Asian ears. The Sabbat were also lauded for that. The Samsung was given kind of an 80% rating but mainly because most of the people they didn’t fit were very petite.
So it’s a stupid problem to have. Like very stupid but I listen to music a LOT… and I’m tired of having to pull out the earbuds from my headphones to let the dog in and out or just go refill coffee.
Wish me luck. Because really, change is bad but a sore ear is apparently even worse.

9 thoughts on “Damn My Ears…

  1. fiberlyone

    I, too, have difficult ears and have a lot of earbuds hanging around to prove it. I’ve found two things that work for me, since I listen to books when I walk and poking at my ears to keep buds (wired or not) from falling out. Both involved having a “tip” that extended farther into the ear. The first were RevJams Active – they are bluetooth with a connecting cable. They had a “pointy” bud as an option. The RevJams website doesn’t give much detail, so it’s unclear if they still include them, but I found just the tips as “spare kit” from here: https://bit.ly/2KuxOmt. I also have Gen 1 Apple AirPods, with which I use ear hooks. https://amzn.to/2yFpEW0 This style has the extra bud with the hook and fits comfortably. It’s is an extra step, though, since they don’t fit in the case, so you have to add and remove them.

    1. I’ve been trying to avoid anything with a cable because the cat’s a chewer. 😀 But that’s my next step 😀 Nothing with ear hooks…and I don’t like the AirPods. 😀 No idea why. Can’t use hooks because there’s like no space behind my ears! 😀 It’s really annoying 😀 BUT the cable earbuds are on my list so I’ve got my eye on the RevJams 😀

  2. Adrianna Jackson

    I am a member of this club too! I do not (think?) have asian ears, and earbud (apples) are the must uncomfortable one on the market. And I can’t keep them in! Let me know if these work.

  3. Katie

    I don’t have experience with the search for earbuds but has anyone tried bone conducting speakers that sit behind or below the ears? However on the chewer subject, I thought I left my dog sleeping on my new sweater coat. I got there as the second button was disappearing. She’s a rescue with behavioral problems so I’m not going to blame her but I am mourning my new coat.

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