Thank you to the service industry people who make Flattening The Curve possible!

One of the most interesting things about being in “isolation mode” has been getting things to make other things because stuff’s in short supply. Some stuff like kimchi is impossible to find in the stores nearby and while I could leave the house and go to Zion or HMart, it would really break that isolation we’ve been in. Since I was hella sick a little bit ago, I don’t want to chance anything.
Now, we order thru SHIPT or Instacart and I got a shopper who sent this. I think it’s adorable because she’s like… I HAVE NO IDEA!
It’s been kind of fun interacting with our shoppers because one lady was all… WHAT IS THIS? It looks good! I want to try it!
I tip well and always make sure they stay safe. Our shopper right now said, they have paper towels, one package left. It’s not on your list but do you need it?
I said nope, leave it for someone who does but can I tell you she earned a HUGE tip just for asking. So for everyone out there shopping, driving, delivering and doing all of the things we can’t do because we’re flattening the curve… THANK YOU!

4 thoughts on “Thank you to the service industry people who make Flattening The Curve possible!

  1. Sadonna

    I have not tried grocery delivery or curbside pickup yet. I’ve been going to the grocery for me and my mom during all this. I don’t know if we even have Instacart here, but our Meijer’s is doing curbside pickup and delivery. They have also donated $6.4 million to 400 community food pantries in the communities of their stores and the United Ways also in those regions. They will continue to be my choice.

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