Finally sitting in place…

It’s been a crazy week and a half and I’m now in Daytona at Coastal Magic, listening to Tool and trying to finish a chapter. I skipped tonight’s events to get some work done but I did stage help Bru Baker get ready for her role in tonight’s Mystery Event where she’s one of the characters in a “murder” and the attendees get to guess who did it.

We are all hoping she’s the one who dies. Or is the killer. Because you know, if you can’t be the murderer, be the murdered.

I’m working my way through the Longmire books after having them on the shelf forever and a day then I’ll take a read thru JD Robb’s latest. I have been enjoying binging on mysteries and thrillers and I’ll be able to continue that until I hit upon a mystery I’m writing. So… I’ve got a bit.

Kai’s almost done. ALMOST! Just dotting the Ts and crossing the Is. 😀

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