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I’ve been asked a bunch of questions lately and I decided to just answer them all here because I thought some of them would make a good blog post because they’re pretty much all about writing and how I write or rather why I write and all of that nonsense. Or Stuff.

Whichever word you like.

I have the questions all stashed in a document and are arranged in no particular order so… here goes.

Does Dreamspinner tell you what to write? Is that why you wrote Back in Black?
This was a two parter so I’ll answer in segments.
1) Nope. That’s not how it works. I have a bunch of series and whatever storylines hit me, I write that book. My writing is independent of DSP. When I’m done, I offer them the book for publication. If they choose not to pub it, I’d probably self pub. Dreamspinner doesn’t dictate anything to me. I don’t work for DSP. I’m an author who writes books and wants them published. I’m not contracted to write on demand like I think some romance houses have a pool of writers for “pulp” monthly releases. I write what I like.

2) I wrote Back in Black because I have said from the VERY beginning that I would be bringing Cole back in a series of mysteries. It was time and the Cole “voice” hasn’t changed but they’re no longer romances. This was always my intent. Once the romantic suspense of him getting together with Jae was done, I wanted to transition his character into a more traditional first-person mystery series. And it was time. *grins* I like writing Cole and I’ve missed him.

When is the next Hellsinger coming out?
I don’t know. I do have a plot. It’s different from the one I wanted to write but I think it suits Wolf and Tristan more. Cin and Harker are going to have to deal with the psychotic clowns.

Why are your books so violent?
I am a violent person. No seriously, I don’t find them very violent. So perhaps my viewpoint is skewed. And honestly, I’m never going to shame someone for not being exposed to that kind of world. That’s a really good thing and they should cherish it.

When is Rook and Dante’s next book coming out?
Also, I don’t know. But soon. I probably should have answered that under the Hellsinger one. Like I said, these aren’t in order. When I last left Rook and Dante they were dealing with the arrival of his mother. I wrote a good 35K of a book with them and it felt flat. So I have to back up and take a good look at the plot and kick it into submission.

Do you throw a lot of words away? Because it seems like you’re always restarting things.
Oh that’s a good one to answer after the Murder question. Yes. I do throw words away. And sometimes I don’t. Mostly I don’t but sometimes you write and write and it feels like you’re writing out of a hole instead of knitting a story so… that’s when you know to toss the whole thing.

Why don’t you just write one series at a time?
Several reasons. I get bored and hate the characters once I’m done writing 80,000 words of their lives and I want them to die in a horrible fire. Going right back into them would make me want to kill them and that’s not a good way to run a series. Also, I really prefer to be a bit diverse in what I write and this gives me the chance to play with voice and world-building. So that’s why.

I think that’s it for now. I’ve got to head back into it and kill a few people. Wish me luck and I hope you all have a great week! Much love!


12 thoughts on “Let’s talk… writing

  1. I love all your series but when I saw Cole was coming back that made my day! I have really missed this cast of characters. Cole always made me laugh and got me through some rough days. Thank you, thank you for bringing him back!! You’re the BEST!

  2. marleneharris

    I keep meaning to tell you this. A while back there was something about Back in Black showing up on romance lists, and it isn’t a romance. And it isn’t. But it kind of is. In the same way that the J.D. Robb “In Death” series still shows up on romance and romantic suspense lists. Because their romance, their continuing, still hot romance is the foundation upon which they stand to do their work. In the spirit of the Quote about needing two things to be happy, love and meaningful work, and that they both give each other the love that makes the meaningful work possible.

    That being said, I’m so very thrilled to have Cole and Jae back!!!!!

    1. It’s really more to separate out the series and yeah, they’re together but that’s not one of the driving reasons for the books? It’s a fine line but I wanted to come down on the side of mystery because they won’t be having those ‘romance relationship” issues unless the dog gets pregnant or something. *grins* It’s intended to be standalone mysteries 😀 And hopefully I’ll come up with some good ones to support my hubris 😀

      1. marleneharris

        I’m now imagining Neko bossing a tiny, bouncy puppy and my brain just broke. Thanks for that! 🙂

    2. SKS in Sonoma

      Just finished Sinner’s Gin and loved it. Looking forward to the rest of the series. Just wanted to suggest a couple more albums that might have fit right in with Miki’s taste in music (based on the Metallica, Tool, and VAST references)
      Dirt – Alice In Chains
      Pretty Hate Machine – Nine Inch Nails
      Rock on!

  3. Niyx

    This q&a delights me (especially the answer to the last question). I’ve actually been meaning to ask since I’ve listened to all of the books I’ve found on audible and haven’t found an answer: several books have referenced a mystery bookstore in Pasadena, I think? Is there a story associated with it?
    I can’t wait to get more of all of your series, and while I’m sad I can’t indulge my need to binge all of them at once, I really am glad to get more of each of them in turn. <3

  4. Erica Fisher

    You know how excited I was to hear Cole and Jae were coming back I was dancing in my living room they are my comfort reads. Also I have never thought of your books as violent just detailed and interesting. I love your voice and your world building , thank you so much for making it a little brighter.

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