State of the Rhys…

Let me give you a quick rundown of what I’m doing in the next couple of months… er… half of the year.
Kai 4
I don’t have a title. Or rather I have one but I don’t know if I like it. I’m about four chapters away from being done. This has been a brutal, grueling book with a LOT of changes so right now I’m trying to get it to a good place to leave Kai and his world. SO I can pick it up the next time without any regrets or loose threads. I am happy with how it’s going but it’s taken a LOT to get there.
Seekrit Project
This is actually a short thing I’ll be doing along with a few other people. I’m hoping to get this done quickly and it should be pretty straightforward. I’m excited to be going back to something I’d done before and expanding that universe a bit. It’s going to be a bit of humour and some smexiness. There are three other authors in this project and we’ve got until the end of Feb to get it done. It should be out by GRL.
Saint or Luke’s Story
I’m really looking forward to getting this done. Once again, straight forward but Luke’s got some issues and MAN the boy runs deep. I’ve got the plot pretty down so I’m hoping it will be a quick write. But I am looking forward to it. Hopefully this will be out in Fall 2020.
Hellsinger 3ish
I don’t know how long this will be but I’ve got a plot for Wolf and Tristan for an Xmas-ish story. I’m really excited about this because I am really looking forward to writing this. I’ve got to get this done after Saint.
Convention Plans
UK Meet: I will be in Southhampton in September with Three of the Five. And So looking forward to going.
GayRomLit 2020: Again! Looking forward to GRL in St Louis. I am open to hearing about any kind of swag you guys want to see. Because really, it’s all about bringing you some fun stuff!
So that’s the state of the Rhys!

4 thoughts on “State of the Rhys…

  1. Patricia Cooke

    Yay lots of goodies to look forward to, so excited for another Kai book and also Saint or Luke’s story. I’m always ready for more Hellsingers, now if only….Rook and Dante. Yeah I know you’ll get there eventually. LOL

  2. Kathy Stice

    Not that you need any more book requests right now, but I’m just curious about your plans. Do you think there will ever be more books in the Ramen Assassin or Dim Sum Asylum realm? SO excited to read more about Kai and to learn more about Luke! Thank you, thank you!

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