The Wrong Kind of… Attention. Or Sidestepping a Wankfest.

There is such a thing as social sadism.
You all have seen it. Probably experienced it.
It’s when someone acid-vomits stuff all over you and when you call them out on it, they go all innocent and act the victim.
Then shout out loudly that you’re abusing them and won’t OTHER people come save them from you.
It’s become very common lately.
But here’s the thing… you don’t owe anyone anything. Not even your time. Not even your typing.
It might hurt. Especially if you’d considered them your friend or if you’ve reached out to them in the past to help them when they’re down or broke.
That won’t matter to them. All that matters is the “rush” they feel when they’re trying to hurt you and get other people to cheer them on while doing it.
It’s hard. I know. Ignoring someone you once thought of as a friend is… painful. But if they’re stabbing at you just to see you bleed, then they never were your friend. Simple a tick that hadn’t yet sunk its teeth into your flesh.
Spend today remembering to be the best person you can be. Be the person you want to be. Be the person you’d want to know.
Give yourself a compliment. Find something you like about yourself. And remember, you don’t have to walk into someone else’s social kink parlour simply because they left the door open.

3 thoughts on “The Wrong Kind of… Attention. Or Sidestepping a Wankfest.

  1. Eric Alan Westfall

    A remarkable, astute, well-written piece of advice. Fortunately, I’ve never experienced this (*knocks on wood(en head) for luck*) as I’m not out and about in the social media world.

    But if that kind of seeming “disaster” should strike, I’ll be sure to remember your wise words.



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