Time to check your neighbour’s rice bowl to see if they have enough to eat…

I want to talk to you all about a woman in the Phillipines who works to feed the kids in her area EVERY Sunday. I’ve sent her money in the past for the meals. I’ve become a patreon for her efforts. I would like to ask for you all to consider donating to her cause if you are contemplating making a charitable donation this year or want to a patreon to follow.
She’s posted an update on IMGUR of today’s meal and as you can see, she’s working to better the area…and conditions of those around her.
Her name is Jenny Remiendo and the area she is working in actually is near where Scarlet from the McGinnis series comes from.
A dollar a month will go a long way where she lives and I look forward to helping her provide another 80 Sundays worth of meals to the kids in her area.

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