I am awake only because the dog needed to go potty. He woke me up to tell me he needed to go and it was serious because normally he can sleep through anything so…. out he went. Cat was fed and while I’m sorta awake, sleep tugs at me.

This is really normal for after GRL. The event tires me out and this year was no exception. There was some rumblings of fuckery people had about so that was expected but honestly, I was too scatter-brained and pinballing about to really take notice.

I did see SJ York and he looked happier and healthier than I’d ever seen him so good for him. Actually it was great to see a lot of people. Jordan Hawk and his wife, Beth, are always a damned delight to see and talk to. I adore them greatly. And right now it’s too early in my morning to scrape together names. Seriously. What the hell? Every author I interacted with on a social basis was lovely and it was great seeing their faces. I didn’t get to see enough panels because we were trying to get the reader preorders sorted out but the narrator’s panel was a delight (THANK YOU GREG!) and can I tell you it was fantastic to be able to settle down in the bar at night and just talk to people.

Readers. Hell, you all make the event a gorgeous thing to go to. I want to thank everyone who came by the lounges and signing. It’s great talking to all of you and hearing how your year went. It’s always good to catch up.

Today I’m doing laundry and writing because World Fantasy Con is this coming week and I’ve a lot to do. Including catching up on sleep. Driving to ABQ was very long and driving back was even longer it seemed *grins*

Off to Kai and well, then working on other stuff. Love you all!

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