I have hit New Mexico after many days of driving. The knee had to be babied all the way over so it was short spurts across the desert and then staying at hotels. We finally made it. Checked in and had food. Then collapsed for a bit. Hooked up with Hawk and Beth for dinner… and chatting. Then more chatting then collapsing again.

We are gearing up for GRL and I’ll be posting photos and all of that in the coming week! Watch this space!

2 thoughts on “In ABQ!

  1. Christle Walton

    Damn it I couldn’t get away to ABQ when you were out last time and now you’re there again! *Huge Fan* BTW Lmfao! I live in Ruidoso so if you and your people ever want to visit the pines…I clean for Story Book cabins among other places. I also have personal clients who rent out their cabins…anyway bot being stalkery but if you want peace and quiet that’s the way to go.

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