Crispy Brownies

I know… it’s a strange topic but I prefer brownies that are very crispy. I also like cookies that way. No idea why. It’s just how it is.

I’m five days out from Hellion’s release and things are settling down with regards to all of that but that also means it is time to ramp up writing. Since TA Moore arrives here on Tuesday Night, I need to get into the habit of writing at least a little bit every day so we both can get our books finished.

I think that’s the worst part of being a writer… gotta sit down and get this done.

We also need to organize our swag for GRL and well, I’ve ordered all of the gluten free donuts in San Diego for Tammy. Because one needs donuts.

I’ll also plan on feeding her a lot of Mexican food.

I’m working on Kai… and well after that will probably be Luke because his story is burning in the back of my head. Kai’s a rough one this time but that’s on me. Not on the plot or the characters. I’d been dictating but sometimes the story itself needs just loud music and a keyboard. The new TOOL album has been great and well, there’s always Metallica to keep me going.

So that’s what’s on my plate this week. I hope you all are doing well. Oh… and there’s so much planned for 2020. Can’t wait to get the clearance to share!

6 thoughts on “Crispy Brownies

  1. Lisa

    More Kai is always happy news!!! ❤️ I’m sorry it’s going hard but all your fans *especially me, LOL* will be so appreciative. Also really looking forward to Luke’s story. Also-also, Hellion was great! 👍🏻

  2. Madonna196

    Just started Hellion. How do you pronounce “Ruan?” Every time his name appears I’m reading it as Ron, Run, Ru-an, Wan… I’ll bookmark until I get an answer :). Odd names in books are a pet peeve. Thanks. 🙂

    1. I would suggest going to Youtube and search for Prounciation Ruan so you can hear it. It’s probably one of the more common Irish names in the world. No name is odd. It might be unfamiliar to you but every language has its John, Steve and Harry.

  3. Madonna196

    Odd to me. Or, as you say, unfamiliar. My family are mostly Irish but we don’t have any family or friends with the name Ruan. We have quite a few Siobhan (pronounced Shivaun – odd to some people).

    I went to the site you noted. Thanks, great to know for future ref. However, the name is pronounced two different ways in Irish, and another way in Chinese. How does the author pronounce it?

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