It’s a rough brain weekend so one of the things that my therapist is always telling me is to focus on positive stuff. Kind of like the rubber band on the wrist thing. Snapping it to send a reminder to divert my thoughts elsewhere.

Food is always iffy when I’m worked into something and last night, sushi and noodles were ordered. The sushi was pretty awesome and I had a side of katsu over rice with teriyaki sauce. The noodles were for tonight. And so it’s yakisoba for dinner tonight.

I can eat yakisoba or pancit every day. Oddly enough, the Panda Express near here uses the thin noodles for their chow mein. It’s gotta be the thin noodles. I mean the thicker round ones are okay but I prefer the thinner ones. Or the thick rice noodles. Like chow fun.

Now it’s odd how Christmas — well, any holiday — is off without beef chow fun dry style. I love rice but noodles, those are just the awesome.

That said, there’s also nothing like a burnt grilled cheese sandwich. I had a small thread on my Facebook page about what grilled cheese is to everyone and there’s a bunch of opinions. Mostly because we all have such diverse tastes and well, there are things we grow up with. American cheese and white bread burnt to the edge of black is my choice for grilled cheese but, let’s face it… grilled cheese sandwiches! It’s never a bad thing.

Kinda like cinnamon toast. Mind you, I’ve had to teach a couple of UK friends about cinnamon toast. 😀 But see, those are the things that make us connected. Those comfort foods from other places that we learn from one another.

My main thing to teach is usually loco moco. It’s an odd thing but two scoops of rice, a hamburger, a fried egg and lots of brown gravy is possibly the most Best Thing From Hawai’i you can get… outside of a spam musubi.

Share a few of your bestest, home things and tell me what makes you feel good inside.

6 thoughts on “Noodles

  1. Andrew McGee

    You are absolutely wonderful. Thank you for all the light and joy you bring your readers.

  2. Skippy

    Sushi always makes me happy.
    Salt fish and Akee and Breadfruit is Home food for me.
    You introduced me to Spam musubi.
    I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it and three times if it’s free! 🙂

  3. Cherry Starr

    Ok. This is probably weird but one of my favorite things is cafeteria style Spanish Rice. I’m talking about the kind they made back in elementary school. Of course it’s different now. They’ve made it “healthyer”.

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