5 thoughts on “Before there was BTS, there was DBSK

  1. Eric Alan Westfall

    Um, uh, okay, uh, you see, the thing is that while I enjoy the hell out of your books, I’m an old fogey who has absolutely no idea what you just said.

    Based on the clip I figured out that DBSK was a group (never heard of them before), and suspect the other initials are as well.

    Clarification please?


    1. BTS is a current KPOP band. DBSK – Dong Bang Shin Ki is a previous generation 😀 Who were very big and it’s a very complicated long drawn out story. 😀 But no worries. 😀

    2. darket

      Thanks for asking the question that came immediately to my mind. Figured they were bands but I’m really out of the loop with these two. Thanks again for stepping forward!

  2. Treasure

    I have to admit I never saw BTS coming. Never would thought they would be the group to break through on the US charts.
    It’s nice to Jae Joong here again!

  3. L

    Wow you expanded my world, what beautiful voices and harmony. And they are nice on the eyes as well!

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