Shit it’s Monday again….and well, once again, down into the pasture.

Yep… still standing with Dreamspinner Press and still have faith in the company.
These are MY decisions. Everyone has to make their own choices. My decisions about my business… like my decisions about my coffee or what I wear… are mine to make. No one but me is affected by my decisions. No one but me can make them.
Anyone who tells you I’m trying to persuade someone into “going my way on things” is full of shit. Fuck, you should see me trying to order for a table full of people. I take a constant poll on what people feel like eating and what they’re allergic to.
That said, I’m not a sheep. Nor do I intend to ever convince anyone to be one. Really, life’s about options and paths. You’ve gotta choose your own. It’s a giant choose your own adventures book and sadly, you can stain the pages and dog-ear them just like a regular book.
We have free will. If you’ve got a good relationship with someone and need advice, ask them for it. But keep in mind, don’t take advice from people whose criticism you would disregard. We all have our take on things but ask yourself, who has an agenda.
I have a firm agenda. I want to write entertaining books. I want to pay my rent. I want to make sure my dog’s nails don’t get too long. I want to never run out of calrose rice in my kitchen. I work to make sure my car is in running order. I work very hard at my friendships.
I also like Best Food’s mayo and Heinz ketchup. Yes I do use ketchup… just not on eggs. Or in spaghetti.
And I just like this gif. Because honestly, it looks like a shit ton of fun to do.

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  1. Sil

    Hi. Just wanted to say I bought and continue to buy most of your books from the DSP sites. Never had issues with digital downloads with them.

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