Swear to God, I’m not Dead.

Life has literally just been a bunch of adulting and small little things to take care of. Like the dog has a boo-boo under his eye so that means cleaning the spot with wipes, adding drops to his eye and then a salve on the area. He’s been a champ about it but man, I need to get him on a dog walker’s list.

Badger has gotten even bigger. Seriously. He weighs as much as a bag of rice. A large bag of rice. The kind of bag non-Asians ask me why I’m buying if they’re shopping with me.

I also somehow ran out of ramen so I think I’m going to get dinged by my ancestors.

I have enough shoyu though and got some kimchee furikake I’m in love with.

Oh, and I’ve been writing. This book is giving me a headache but I’ve reached the point where I hate it and everything so that’s normal. *grins* Always happens.

I have to do a book culling because my shelves are way too stacked so I expect that will happen soon. Watch this space for details!

One thought on “Swear to God, I’m not Dead.

  1. Kendra

    Totally understand about the big bag of rice. My BIL is Vietnamese and he’d take us to the Vietnamese grocery store and buy rice in 25# bags. It’s because they cook rice with every meal. It gets used fast. ☺

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