What day is it?

I’ve been head down in Word so I’m not even sure what day it is most of the time.  It’s both a good thing and a bad thing because it means I’m working on stuff but I’m also not doing good life-work balance. So I’m taking Friday morning off to go see Avengers.

I haven’t even been playing Jurassic World Alive and they’ve just rolled out mammals into the game. That’s the highlight of my life at the moment… mammals. Prehistoric mammals.

Sadly, the game’s really jacked and the servers are down so it’ll be a bit before I get logged on.

I think that’s something people have to remember to do… take some time to breathe and disconnect but not so much that you don’t get any work done. Writing does tax the brain.

Ramen Assassin is out in a month and change. I’ll be doing a blog tour… hopefully… and I’ve got to figure out exactly what I’m doing there.

Oh, and there’s a possum that uses the top of our fence as a roadway to the other side of the hill. The dog is DETERMINED to go outside and bark at it. The possum could literally give no fucks. He moves along his road and ignores the barking mass of fur down below. Not like the dog would do anything to the possum even if they did meet. He’s afraid of the cat.

Okay, to be fair, the cat’s a bit of an asshole.

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