Day 678 of This Cold

Biggest problem I have when I’m sick is…

I am irrationally angry.

Like rain-soaked badger with a sore tooth angry.

I don’t know why. I do know I wake up angry and literally just want to chew through everything and everyone in my path.

This has been a lifelong thing. And I don’t fit it so much as manage my expectations. And most of all, try not to chew on heads. Because that’s a good way to damage relationships.

I’m working on the cover for Ramen Assassin and honestly, it’s a pain in the ass. Because managing that image of what the book is about with current genre trends is a bitch and a half. Give me strength. And coffee.

Badger, the black and white monster cat, is doing well. He’s learning to bite less and is less pointy side up. He does however demand to be in the bathroom with you and if you would please turn on the faucet to a thin stream so he can stick his head under the water, that would be great. I’ll try to get a current picture of him at some point.

Harley, our grey tuxedo baby girl cat, is teaching Badger there’s right and wrong ways of how to play. He’s a slow learner and she’s not so patient. They’re getting there. He’s learned Love of Box from her and that the cat scratching cube is awesome. But she loves being brushed and that’s not something he likes, even when it’s being done to her and not him. Or he just wants the attention.

Gus Gus is slowing down. He’s an old man cairn terrorist and well, Badger is an asshole to him most of the time. He puts up with it for the most part but sometimes needs the hallway cleared of the Evil Menace so he can get from the front of the house to the back. Turtle, however, has become a favourite toy although there will always be Love of Red Ball in his life. The rain makes him sleepy. The sun makes him sleepy. He trundles over to his dog bed and settles in there then wakes up a bit later to sprawl out on the carpet. An hour or so later, back to the dog bed or if I am home, gets up on the couch next to me. He does need a bit more exercise but going outside to chase after Red Ball is out until the rain lets up.

And the rain? Because I had the Firebird detailed. So… rain. I was feeling groggy but okay last week. It was sunny. The Firebird was dirty. Wash and Wax. Pampering for the Pontiac.

And rain. 😀 CUE RAIN!

Heh. But that’s life.

I’m finishing up the John Lee Quarrel books by Nick Russell and I’m enjoying them. I’ll move onto his other series when I’m done. Which reminds me… I need to charge my kindle!

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  1. Katie

    My Keanu, puppy mill rescue havanese, has learned to play with I’d awesome. He loves running and being chased which is amazing! I’m going to try again to show him toys. The way he runs he just might like Fetch!

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